Weekly Round-Up

This week is my birthday week, woohoo! Yes, I’ll be 21 tomorrow (21st Nov) and this has filled me with both excitement and existential dread. I’ll be officially in my 20s… where did my childhood go? I’ll have to do adult stuff in an adult world of working a 9-5, doing something I haven’t decided […]

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A Paris Retreat

This weekend, I hopped on the Eurostar and it whisked me off to lovely Paris for the weekend. I went to see my best friend, Laura, who’s recently moved there (lucky me, I get to visit!) and I had the best time! When I fist arrived (Friday), I was too tired to do very much, […]

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Autumnal Coats

It’s that time of year again (cue excitable scream) – yes, it’s autumn and that means cosy nights in, hot chocolates and of course, winter clothing. It’s easily my favourite time of year (I know, original), but I just can’t get enough of the brightly coloured leaves, dark evenings and frosty mornings. Since the clocks […]

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How can this tiny little blog in the furthest corner of the internet possibly be nominated for the Liebster Award? Well, I’m not sure, but it has happened. Somehow. I’m very pleased and excited to take part in this, and I’d love to thank Mary from Mary’s Life for nominating me – she has a […]


Weekly Round-Up

This week, I’ve decided to give you a whistle-stop tour of all the interesting and fun things I’ve been reading, watching or listening to. As I’ve had a bit more free time this week, I’ve used this as an excuse to delve into the world of blogs, books and bloomin’ good music, and thought you […]

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My Life as a Student

I came to the University of Gloucestershire two years ago and now I embark on my final year here in Cheltenham. The strange thing is, it has gone so unbelievably quick that I honestly don’t know how all of this has happened. But here I am, still trying to adult. Now that I’ve been a […]

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Feeling Happy?

Happy (adjective) feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.   The meaning of happiness is different for everyone. It could mean being close to family or finding love, making lots of money or buying new things. Whatever it is, we are always striving for it; making everyday decisions to help us reach those happiness goals. But […]

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Holiday to Amsterdam!

Last week, Dom and I visited the Netherlands – home to idyllic windmills, canals, tulip fields and cycling routes. We stayed in Utrecht, a city about a 25 minute train journey away from the capital, Amsterdam. We stayed for a week and managed to cram in lots of things during our time there. It was […]

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Bank Holiday Day Out

Today is bank holiday Monday in England and, as if it truly loves us, the sun shone brightly throughout the whole day (about time!). So my family and I decided to go to some lovely gardens to make the most of it. The flowers were in full bloom – much to my grandparents’ taste – […]

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My Travel Bucket List

People often talk about their ‘bucket lists’ or ‘what they want to do before they die’. What do they want to achieve? Where do they want to visit? Often, these are popular destinations – and rightly so; many places on this Earth are absolutely stunning. Why wouldn’t you want to cruise down the Norwegian Fjords […]

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