Weekly Round-Up

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks (ahem-months) since I last posted one of my weekly round-ups. If you are new around here (hi) then I’ll briefly explain what my weekly round-up involves. It’s essentially a mini newsletter-esque style blog post, where I basically word vom everything I’ve been loving / doing during the week. From new blogs to new series, from fab books to great YouTube videos. I’ll be making this a regular thing, so stay tuned for this 5 star gold-quality content.


Next time, to mix it up a bit, I thought I might add in a bonus ‘what I ate’ segment, because you’d be lying if you said you weren’t as thrilled as I am about a food section.

You can read my last weekly round-ups here and here!


This week, I’ve read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. It’s been a good while since I’ve read a book so quickly, unable to put it down. The charming uniqueness of Eleanor really drew me in, and I immediately felt connected with her.

eleanor oliphant

Eleanor struggles with loneliness and her outlook on the world has been warped by her mother’s sick ideologies and abuse. Her social life is non-existent, yet she’s totally fine with that. Or, at least, she thought she was.


As a ‘small’ blogger myself, I’m always on the lookout to connect with other small bloggers, too. Please comment below if this is you, and you’d like to be blogger-friends. I’d love to feature you on these round-ups!

For today, though, I’m going to do a bit of #selfpromo and tell you about a new blog I’ve set up in collaboration with my good friend and talented illustrator, Eve, founder of Evedendesigns.com.

Life graduate limbo

It’s a blog for recent graduates, with advice about what to expect from life post-university and how to deal with the challenges that come with it. Nobody really prepares you for it, and, especially for creatives like us, nobody really tells you how damn hard it can be. It’s called Something Will Come Alongquite aptly so, as this is all we hear when we discuss our job searching with others.

You can follow us here 🙂

You can also follow our Instagram here!



Recently, I’ve been watching Eve Cornwell’s YouTube channel. She talks about her experiences at Law school, university, and coffee (this video was 10/10). If you want to check out someone new, and have a laugh as well, then head over here.

Netflix Series

My boyfriend came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, and we managed to binge-watch the entire series of Dark Tourist in like 3 days. It’s similar to a Louis Theroux documentary, except this guy has travelled the world specifically to find the weirdest, creepiest places for dark tourists.

Dark tourist.png

He visits Latin America, Japan, USA, The Stans, Europe, South East Asia, and Africa. From meeting blood-sucking vampires to holding a gun to a cow, David really explores every corner of this strange planet.


What have you done this week? I’d love to hear some recommendations. Don’t forget to comment below if you’re a ‘small’ blogger like me!

Thanks for reading!


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. Howdy chuck, A good little read Amy. Eve Cornwall’s coffee review was entertaining. We like the same coffee too! Dud X



  2. Ooo I’ve been looking for a new book to read and I’ve heard some amazing reviews of that book so I need to try it! And I’ll check out your collaboration blog now, sounds like the type of blogs I love to read!

    Beth x | https://bethrebecca.com/


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