Lucy Wood (@LucyJaneWood), Freelance Writer and YouTuber, has recently uploaded a video, discussing how little representation there is for women with ‘in-between-y’ body shapes. And I totally agree.

I’m a size 12, curvy, tall, and have what I like to call a ‘cake pouch’ (the slightly podgy bit of lower tummy!) I’m not part of the plus size community, nor am I petite. I’m average. And I’m happy about that!

There’s lots of coverage – on YouTube especially – on outfit ideas for women with smaller body sizes, and I do like to watch these, but they’re not too helpful for me when I come to shop for my own shape.

Culotte jumpsuit – Boohoo, size 12 (M)

Lucy has set up a hashtag, #AverageGirlSize, so that girls with similar ‘in-between-y’ body shapes – around sizes 12 to 16 – can share outfit inspirations and contribute to this representation. She has also uploaded other videos on the topic, like this one for example, where she tries size 14 jeans from different shops to prove we shouldn’t always rely on numbers.

Certain high street stores (ahem-Topshop-ahem-H&M) make me feel like absolute crap when I realise I have to go up a ‘size’ or two just because their labelling is a LIE. Equally, it’s frustrating when I visit other shops (ahem-Oasis-ahem) that use ‘vanity sizing’ to try to make me feel good about buying items in a size 10, even though they have the exact same measurements as a 12 in other shops.

I can see #AverageGirlSize becoming its own body-confidence movement, and I love that I’m actually included in this one, along with the majority of the population.


I’m generally happy with my body shape, and I’m not wanting to change. Yes, as we all do, I have days where I’m just not okay with myself at all. I occasionally look at myself and feel down, thinking that I should look more like this girl or that girl. But, I also know that this isn’t a healthy mindset to have. So, recently, I’ve made an effort to stop comparing myself to others, and appreciate ME a bit more. So, yes, I am happy.

I invite you #AverageGirlSize gals out there to join us and share your thoughts on the topic!

One thought on “#AverageGirlSize

  1. Great post. I’m a short average sized girl and find that most clothes in the petite section, although fit me in length, come up small. Petite seems to also mean skinny or slim which isn’t me. I’m a size 10/12 depending on the shop, curvy and also have that belly pouch you mentioned. 😅 It’s great to see more average sized women being represented.

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