Graduate Depression

It’s a real thing. No one prepares you for it, no one tells you about it, no one expects it.

You’re told, throughout your entire educational life, that you are to try your best and get high grades and keep studying and working because after uni, these are the things that employers want.

Then, one day, you finish uni and WHAM… no one wants you.

I’m in a limbo. I’ve finished university but I haven’t got any fixed plans. It’s so hard when family friends ask, so, what are you doing now? because all I really want to do is to know the answer to that question.


This after-uni limbo is so strange. Some days, between scrolling the endless pages of, you find yourself crunching your way through an entire pack of biscuits and calling it productive. It literally feels as if your days are merging into one. There are no deadlines to think about, no crippling stress to deal with, and now your friends are leaving and you don’t know when you’ll see them again.

Yup, depressing.

For my recent graduate peeps – please watch this video by Lucy Wood. She sums up all the feels quite well.

I’m still applying for jobs and enjoying my current internship, but a week today I’ll be moving back home, not knowing if I’ll be able to come back to live in Cheltenham, which is what I’d love to do. The area is familiar to me, I’ve got used to living here, and it’s sort of become a home-from-home for me.

I’m the kind of person who always likes to have an idea in mind of what’s going to happen next. So, for this to be out of my control for a while is quite hard. I know I’ll be fine, of course, and ‘something will come up’ (if I hear that phrase one more time, omg) so this won’t last.

Let’s see what happens… your guess is as good as mine!


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