My Search for a Future

The 25th May 2018, the day I officially finish University, is niggling at me. After that date, it’ll the first time since I was four years old that I won’t be in education. It’s such a weird thought – I’ll (hopefully) be working full-time in something I’ve been working towards essentially my whole life.

My beautiful university campus

I understand the journey doesn’t stop there, though. I want to work my way up the ladder – learning new things all the time. To me, this is really exciting – to start somewhere knowing it’ll lead you to great things.

I’m just at the beginning of the process – applying for jobs that excite me, that I could really see myself doing, if not now, then one day. Yes, it’s not easy, and I realise I won’t get everything I apply for, but that’s okay as long as I keep myself busy.

I guess what’s really scaring me is – what if it doesn’t all work out how I imagine it?


I’ve never done ‘life’ properly before, so I’m going to have to pick things up as I go along. Sure, I’ve had part-time jobs during my studies, but not all of them have been jobs I really wanted to be a part of forever. There’s only so many coffees you can serve before the whole thing gets a bit tedious, am I right?

I think this is just a stage of my life where, for the first time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m not going into the next year at school, or the next semester at uni. Now, it’s all up to me. I’ve got to make it work for myself.


10 thoughts on “My Search for a Future

  1. I remember the anxiety well of completing University & moving onto the next step in the journey. It’s a strange mix of emotions of excitement and nerves with the future unknown. You seem prepared for it and that is the key thing. Good luck with the rest of your studies and I’m looking forward to reading more in your blog. Leann x


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