What I did on Valentine’s Day

This year was the second time I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with Dom, and it was just as lovely as the first. I’d like to think we’re not an overly cringey couple (I hope lol) so I’ll keep this short and try not to make everybody vom.


28117692_1875662695840149_565880585_n (3)

Top – Oasis, Skirt – Next

At 6:30, we started making our way to the restaurant as we weren’t quite sure where it was – neither of us had been to this particular place and it seemed like it was hidden down one of the streets at the end of town.

It’s called The County Kitchen in Cheltenham, and I can honestly say it was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had (and not just because I was starving).


The restaurant looked more like a small cafe, with just a few tables – it didn’t look like the type of place to serve the food that it did. It was a relaxed atmosphere, though, with good music and a friendly waitress. To be honest, we were the only table there for the majority of our meal, which was nice in a way because the service was so fast!!

For starters, we had duck pancakes with a plum sauce, then I had lamb for mains and a homemade chocolate brownie for dessert. I was so full I could barely move but everything was so delicious I couldn’t not eat it all.




After our food, we decided to go for a couple of drinks at Turtle Bay, where they offer a 2-4-1 on cocktails! I love it in there – the atmosphere is always great and I really like the fairy lights and decor they put up! We went for a couple of ‘Bay Bramble’ cocktails, which is a mixture of white rum, blackcurrant and lime soda.



I hope you had a good Valentine’s, whether you’re in a relationship or not! Did you go out anywhere nice with your partner/friends?



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