I Went To…

This weekend was a busy one for me, but I had the best time! I visited York to see my sister who I haven’t seen for a month or so, and it was lovely to catch up with her while exploring a new town.

I just haven’t had the chance to go to York since Ellie moved there for university last year, so I was so excited to make the time to get up there!

I thought I’d talk you through my trip (which involved a 3 and a half our train journey!) and show you a few snaps of my time there.


27994030_1870328649706887_573101893_n (2)

I got up at 7:30, made myself some breakfast (and a much needed coffee, my goodness) and tried to wake myself up to the world. For someone who rarely rises before 9, this was quite the task for me!


#OOTD This is the outfit I chose, although it started to rain so I had to change my boots for a more sensible pair (cry). The pinafore is from Topshop, the stripey top is from French Connection and the boots are from House of Fraser.

After my THREE AND A HALF HOUR train journey (which is longer than any train I’ve caught before, hence the overreacting-ness), I arrived in York and was greeted by my sister. She took me into the museum gardens and up to the cathedral before we went for lunch.







I’m not going to lie, this was absolutely the best burger I have everrrrr had! Highly recommend Bills restaurant if you fancy yourself one of those.

After lunch and well into our food comas, we mooched around the shops for a little bit. I was pretty tired by this point, so we decided to go back to Ellie’s dorms and just have a quiet one in with a film!


Sunday morning was exactly how Sunday mornings should be spent: lazing around. We didn’t really get up and out until 11:30, which was fine by me! Again, we caught the bus into town and wandered around the shops. I picked myself up this cute lil jumper from Mango, and decided to wear it straight away. Mainly because it was freezing, why do you have to be SO COLD, York?


Ellie also showed me around the ‘shambles’, which is a super cute area of York with cobbled streets, old buildings and adorable shops.






This fudge shop smelt so sweet and delicious!



Just before I had to catch the train back to Cheltenham, we stopped off for a quick coffee. The weekend had gone so quickly, but I had such a lovely time. York is so beautiful and the buildings are so pretty. It has such a great vibe – with people singing in the street and everything!


Finally, it was time to leave. If you ever want a weekend away, I’d definitely recommend York as your next destination. There’s so much to see and do – with museums and the cathedral and various exhibitions throughout the year.


What have you done this weekend?


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