I’ve been away…

I have a confession.

My zest for writing somewhat diminished over the festive period. There were so many distractions and my dissertation seemed to linger over me, weighing me down. I felt so guilty doing anything but uni work, and I just couldn’t seem to open my laptop and muster up the courage to tackle it!

But, since the start of January, I’ve somehow gathered the motivation to get a move on with things – to sort things out with uni work and organise my thoughts.

Now that it’s the start of February, I’m in a much better position work-wise – I’m officially half way through my rough draft of my dissertation (which has to be 10,000 words), so I’m feeling better about that. Of course, I still have a long way to go and other assignments to do, but I’m getting there… I’m getting there.


There’s something about third year of uni that’s both exciting and utterly overwhelming. It’s the last year of education for me – and being in education is all I’ve ever known. To think that, in just a few weeks, it’ll all be over is very daunting. The fact that I don’t really have much of a plan other than to find a job somewhere (please someone take me), makes it all the more stressful when someone asks, so what are you doing when you finish uni?

If one more person asks me that…


I guess it’s okay to take a break – to step back and just sort my life out. But now, it’s time to step up again and march on. I love blogging, I love writing, and I want to try my best to do this as regularly and genuinely as possible.

Tonight, I decided, it’ll be good to just make a start – to muster something up quickly and just get it out there. No, the pictures featured in this post weren’t taken by me (how fab are copyright free images, by the way), but it’s okay, I just want to write without pressure and write for myself! (Yay, go me)

Thanks for reading again, I really do appreciate it.



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