Weekly Round-Up

This week is my birthday week, woohoo! Yes, I’ll be 21 tomorrow (21st Nov) and this has filled me with both excitement and existential dread. I’ll be officially in my 20s… where did my childhood go? I’ll have to do adult stuff in an adult world of working a 9-5, doing something I haven’t decided on yet!

But turning 21 isn’t really that bad – I’m actually super excited to celebrate with my friends and family. It’s always a good time of year and, when it’s over, the Christmas vibes really kick-in.

So, I thought this week on my blog I’d do a round-up of everything that I’ve enjoyed reading, watching and listening to. (Don’t worry, Christmas music won’t be included just yet.) I’ve done a similar post before, which you can check out here.


A Book…

This week, I’ve picked up a book that’s been hiding away on the shelf for some time now. I remember buying it in a second-hand book shop in Falmouth over a year ago, but I must have just forgotten about it since. The author, Peter James, is familiar to me – I’ve read one of his other books before and thought it was very good.

This one is called Not Dead Enough and follows a detective called Roy Grace as he solves three separate and suspicious murders. I’ve not finished it yet so I can’t give you a full review, but I’m enjoying it so far!

An Article…

Check out this article published on the Vogue site. I thought it was super interesting and it made me think. It’s a great read and it inspires to accept you for you, and not let others get the better of you. This is something that I’m learning to do by writing this blog.

A Short Story…

I occasionally read short stories as it helps me with my studies – I write short stories myself and it’s good to get a bit of inspiration every now and then (I need it). This one, in particular, I thought was quirky and quite humorous. It’s not very long so if you have a spare 10 minutes, definitely give it a read! Without giving too much away, it’s about a woman who hallucinates a conversation with a radio presenter, where they discuss cooking a poison pie for her husband.


As an avid watcher of Netflix, I’m always searching for the next series to get stuck into and obsessed over. I love love love detective/crime series and when I saw there were new episodes of Line of Duty available, I just had to put my uni work on hold!

Line of Duty follows a group of detectives in the Anti Corruption department, investigating dodgy policemen and women. Things get pretty intense and twisted – such a good watch! (I finished the series in two days, oops)

Image result for line of duty
Image: Google Images

Another Netflix series I’ve started watching this week is Alias Grace, based on Margaret Atwood’s book. I’ve not finished it yet but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s about a woman, Grace, who has been imprisoned for fifteen years over the death of a woman. She tells her story to a doctor, starting from the beginning.

Image result for alias grace
Image: Google Images

As you may know, I really love watching ‘The Michalaks’ weekly videos on YouTube. I found this week’s vlog, titled, ‘We’re Writing a Xmas Number 1 Song’ quite funny, yet still beautifully filmed as ever!


Five words: Taylor Swift and Sam Smith.

I have been OBsessed with listening to these two this week – I’m in love with Sam Smith’s latest album and can’t get enough of his beautiful voice. Speaking of, have you seen his ‘Carpool Karaoke‘ with James Corden? So funny! Taylor is just my not-so-guilty pleasure, and I’m on board with her new album!


Also, (ooh, exciting, a bonus) have you seen these photographs on the National Geographic site? They’re entries into the ‘nature photographer of the year contest 2017’ and some of them are just stunning! My favourite is ‘Striped Sunset’.


Hope you liked this week’s post and enjoyed checking out the links! What have you been up to this week?

Amy Louise


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