About Me

Getting to know someone can be tricky at the best of times, particularly when the only way to do that is through a computer screen. Yet, here we are. So, let me start by saying hello and welcome to Amy Louise Writes.


I grew up in a little village and moved to Cheltenham for university in 2015. Following my graduation, I had a few months of relentless job-searching (which I speak about here), followed by my first full-time job as a Content Writer at a marketing agency, followed by a writing role at a lifestyle magazine in Gloucestershire.

I love writing, always have. It’s my constant. That’s why I chose to study it at university and build up some sort of professional portfolio. I’ve written articles for fashion magazines, and charity newsletters, as well as fictional stories for my degree. But I also wanted to write for fun, so I created Amy Louise Writes.


I love writing about things that I’m passionate about, and how our acts can have an impact on the way we feel. But I also enjoy just writing the occasional ’round-up’, where I discuss what I’ve been enjoying recently – from books to podcasts to music.

So, if you’d like to see where my life takes me, then hit ‘follow’! If you’ve been here for a little while, then hey – good to see ya – and thanks for sticking around.


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